WCG Year Report 2014

We have never stopped in our efforts of self-study about the scientific aspects of Nature – after all, we have the forest itself as our  backyard laboratory. WCG tries to reach out as much our capacity enables us to. We  have conducted wildlife photography exhibitions – displaying dozens of our own beautiful photographs – at schools  surrounding BNP and Banidipura buffer-zone. Here our interactions have been mainly with rural students. WCG members always emphasize the inter-dependancy of humans with the forest – we understand it best.

from November 2010 we are  publishing a monthly e-magazine in Kannada language called Kaanana, which includes many articles related to wildlife, environment, Nature, science, literature and also some of our best Nature & wildlife photos. Kaanana mainly brings out the  new findings of flora & fauna of BNP, stories & poems by students of villages of BNP.

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