Anti-poaching and Anti-snare drive

Poaching is prevalent in and around the forest. The local people hunt animals like Hares, Wild Boar , Deer and occasionally Civets. Birds like Quails, Jungle fowl, Peacocks and Francolin are often hunted by villagers . Even children armed with their catapult engage in hunting small birds like Doves and Myna.

We interact with the villagers, hold discussions, show documentaries  and explain how these animals and birds are rapidly dwindling because of habitat lose and rampant hunting.

We go on regular anti-snare walk looking out for snares, traps in and around the forest buffer area. Any snares found will be removed, GPS location recorded and the materials collected. GPS data helps us to pinpoint areas of high activity and this will help us plan relevant measures with the help of forest department.

A little awareness makes these people think about their practices from new perspectives. Many people even have stopped this practice and have begun to appreciate the life round them.


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