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     In the remebebrance of K P Poornachandra Tejaswi this

Wildlife Photography Exhibition was held at Bannerughatta high School      On 1st and 2nd January of 2011.

Wildlife and nature photography exhibition was held to create awareness  among the children. Screening of wildlife documentaries was also undertaken. Nearly 500 students and members from the public  benifited from the exhibition. Related books and articles were also displayed for those interested.

Shri Gopal,  head master sri champakadhama swamy high school, bannerghatta was the guest of honour.


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As a part of International year of forests we conducted an  awareness program for school children  in shivanahalli  on  9th of October 2011. This field oriented program took children on a nature walk to small hill in bannerughatta national park, the nature walk was designed to introduce the children to the insect world  and  their role in pollination . Children also learnt about the food web through an activity. Various modes of seed dispersal were also introduced to the children. Around 25 children participated in this event.


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In november 2013  a group of 20 primary school students of government primary school ragihalli, Sri ramakrishna vidya kendra , shivanahalli were taken for bird watching in BNP. Students were taught about identifying birds by observing there morphology and calls. Total of 30 species of birds were identified in this event.




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This exhibition was held at ‘Lions school’, saragur, H D kote , mysore district on 14th to 16th november 2014.  Exhibition was inaugurated by Prof. M Jadegowda , College of Forestry Ponnampet, kodagu. Presided  by Ravishankar C , ACF, Bandipura Tiger reserve. And Madhu S D, RFO, Project Tiger, Handpost. association with Lions club, saragur. Around 1000 students of saragur schools and colleges were benefited from the event. Public of saragur were also enthusiastically participated learnt about wildlife of their region. Hakki-Petti was the special attraction, It is an electronic device helpfull in associating a call with the bird.

Preserved insect specimens were kept on display for the children to take a closer look at them.

Prof. M Jadegowda Talked about How humans co-existed peacefully with nature and how important it is to understand and nurture our jungles.



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A wildlife and nature exhibition held at ‘Saraswathi vidya mandira’, anekal ,bangalore district on 6th and 7th december 2014.  Exhibition was inaugurated by Prof.T Yallareddy, Former Professor, mechanical engineering, Manchester university, England, presided by Dr|| Sunil panwar IFS, DCF, Bannerughatta national park. Around 500 students were benefited from this event. Environment related books and CD’s are also exhibited.

A detailed topo map of anekal showing all the lakes , forest cover and other important features was put on display.

Prof.T .Yallareddy shared his childhood experiences with nature and forest. And Sunil panwar who engaged the students in an interesting disscussion about the importance of protecting the forest.



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This exhibition was held at hunasanahalli ,kanakapura taluk, ramanagara district,  on 23rd january 2015.  Exhibition was inaugurated by Cholurappa, ACF, Bannerughatta National Park.  Around 500 students were benefited from this event.

Mr. Cholurappa . interacted with the sutdents and told the effect of  human  elephant conflict, and also …..and also the ways in which the public can help the forest departement in such situations.

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