Rescuing of wild animals and releasing to their natural habitat


Studying of biodiversity in Bannerughatta National Park.


By conducting workshops and seminars to create awareness about forest and wildlife in them.




We are assisting Department of Forest and Forest Cell for day and night patrolling to reduce the percentage of pouching in BNP

In Kaleshwari village nearly 1acre of encroached lake has been protected and developing.

 We had conducted nature camps for school and college students.

Started on 2010 November Includes many articles related to Wildlife, Environment, Nature, Science literature and also some of our best nature and wildlife photos.

We identified nearly 180 species of bird in Bannerughatta National Park and photographed.

In schools and villages. Implement of eco-development programmes for the welfare of local communities and thereby win their support and co-operation in wildlife management

For school children and villagers in and around the Bannerughatta National Park