Adavi Field Station

The camp is located beside Bannergatta National Park near a tiny hamlet amidst peace and serenity. Conducting programs about Nature and Wildlife, environmental issues, Conservation issues, introducing children to the forest, its ways and its inhabitants is the main purpose of this camp. Besides, we will be holding talks and seminars on related topics from eminent researchers and personnel from the scientific community.Children will be engaged in nature study, bird watching, butterfly watching, basic photography, trekking, essay writing, drawing, painting, quiz, seminars.

Our confidence building activities designed for kids from rural areas, would give them an opportunity to interact with top scientists, researchers and achievers from various walks of life and be inspired. We will also be conducting occasional photography , drawing, painting and backyard gardening workshops. The funds from which will go a long way in sustaining the camp. Interested people can conduct their own awareness activities and workshops in this camp! Nature lovers can visit the camp anytime, spend a day or two in peace reading books, photography, bird watching or just doing nothing at all.

Programs at AFS

URAGAH - Snake Awareness Program

Roughly 46,000 people die of snakebites in India every year. But most of these deaths are entirely avoidable. In villages where snakes are common visitors, victims tend to ignore bites, presuming they were bitten by non-venomous snakes. Often, they turn to faith healers or local medicine men instead of seeking prompt medical treatment. Lack of awareness is the main reason for deaths from snakebites. To create awareness in Students WCG is organised a one day workshop for High School and College Students on 27th January 2019

Image 1 Resource person explaining about snakes and awareness- WCG Image 2 Resource person explaining about snakes and awareness
Image 2 A Pic of Drama held at the Event

GUBBI GUDU - Bird Nesting Program

Sparrows are rendered homeless due to modern "matchbox styled" architecture that makes it difficult for the bird to build nests. These winged companions, who used to build nest in holes, roofs and crevices on traditional houses, are struggling to find a safe corner in glass buildings. In an attempt to provide nest for these beautiful creatures WCG is organised "Gubbi gudu : nest box workshop program" in Adavi Fi eld Station on 10th February 2019

Image 1 Resource person explaining about how to make a bird nest using carton box- WCG Image 2 Fixing the nest in a tree where birds can occupy